Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga: Check Out These Differences!

More people nowadays are searching for more effective methods that would help them stay healthy and active. This is very much favored by those who have busy work schedules and don’t have enough time to go to the gym. If you are one of these people who wish to stay active, you should consider taking up yoga classes. This is one of the best and safest ways to stay active and in shape at the same time. However, there are certain types of yoga which you can choose from. Let me share some of the facts regarding Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga.

Let me tackle first the Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is actually one of the most popular yoga. The word “Vinyasa” is roughly translated as “arranging something in a special way,” such as yoga poses for instance. During Vinyasa Yoga, students create a special kind of movement with breath and pose. It has a special kind of movement flow which they apply in their asanas.

vinyasa yoga vs. ashtanga yoga

Why Should You Consider Vinyasa Yoga?

I know how much you love your flow class but does it ever occurred to you why you should practice this certain kind of yoga? Let me get straight with you as I explained its benefits.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Vinyasa Yoga

1. Vinyasa is the perfect stress-reliever

Since this certain yoga pose has a flow of breath, you will feel more relaxed. Your body will release tension as you perform the breathe in and outflow movement. Research shows that through this flowing movement, a person feels less stressed out. It is actually the kind of yoga movement that will keep you going and active. So Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga? You decide.

2. Vinyasa helps improve the brain activity

As we all know, our time is very much occupied not just with our daily jobs but with all the worries we have. Even if our body is resting, our minds are still at work. This result in more stress levels. But with the help of Vinyasa yoga, our minds feel more relaxed. The breath in and outflow movement improves the concentration and focus. With its step-by-step flow movement, our mind begins to feel more at ease. This helps create a more pleasant brain activity that could bring out joyful thoughts and eliminate negative ones.

3. Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga? Vinyasa teaches us to be more positive towards ourselves

Since this yoga involves the breathing flow movement, it helps release positive hormones. When our body and mind are in the state of depression or anxiety, this yoga helps relax our nerves. These thoughts will reflect on you physically. It will help you feel more comfortable and happier.

Ashtanga Yoga

Now let us tackle the next and one of the most positive-resulting kinds of yoga today. Since we are discussing the differences between Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga, it is a must that you learn as well about the other kind of yoga and how it differs from the other one. So without further ado, here are the details you should learn about Ashtanga yoga.

If you are searching for a more ‘sweat and action-packed’ kind of yoga then Ashtanga is the best for you. Unlike Vinyasa which has a breath in flow movement, this one requires a lot more action and progressive movements.

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic and more physically active kind of yoga practice which synchronizes breath with movement to create internal body heat. Ashtanga is the perfect kind of yoga that would help build a stronger core to tone the body. This beneficial yoga was founded by K. Pattabhi Jois.

If Vinyasa helps you feel more relaxed, Ashtanga Yoga will make your blood feel hotter. This is what this yoga is all about. It will make your blood boil to make it thinner for easier circulation. This will relieve pains and other body inflammations. As a result, you will surely sweat a lot.

Here are some of the benefits which you could obtain from Ashtanga on this Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga post.

vinyasa yoga vs. ashtanga yoga

1. Physical

One of the most common but effective benefits of this yoga is the physical improvement. Since this yoga requires progressive and fast-paced movements, you will develop flexibility and endurance. This will help your body become strong and even more toned. This yoga is not just for those who wish to take yoga in an advanced stage. Many athletes prefer this one because of its contribution to the improvement of their stamina.

2. Emotional

With this specific kind of yoga, you will take out negative emotions inside you. By performing this yoga, your body will secrete a certain kind of hormone that will help relax your mind. This is very effective if you are feeling frustrated or if something is bothering you. It would help clear your emotions and soon you will be able to focus on things again.

3. Mental

Dedicated Ashtanga practitioners claimed that they feel more energized and calmer after they performed this progressive yoga. It actually helps them eliminate bad vibes inside them through those fast-paced movements.

It is a must that you choose the best kind of yoga that will suit your needs and state of mind and body. This way, you will attain its wonderful benefits. Now that you have learned the differences of Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga and how it could help make your body and mind healthier and stronger, it’s up to you which one you’ll choose. But whichever that may be, you will certainly get the best results ever!

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Vinyasa Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga: Check Out These Differences!

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