7 of the Best Luxury Yoga Retreats in Europe To Consider!

There’s nothing more enchanting than practicing yoga in the most wonderful places. If you’re planning on vacationing but still want to bring your yoga routine, you should check these luxury yoga retreats in Europe. Not only that each one is mesmerizing for a typical tourist, the atmosphere is also perfect for yogis like you.

1. Terre Blanche Yoga, France

Just imagine the fascinating French Riviera and Eastern Provence where this yoga retreat is situated. Most of the fitness classes here focus on toning your muscles and improving your posture. They offer the unique Pilates Yoga where you get to meditate in their spa garden and infinity pool overlooking the French countryside.

After a refreshing yoga session, you can enjoy a body scrub, lymphatic drainage massage, or other luxury therapies they offer. With the intent to promote inner calmness and balance, expect the place to be very peaceful and quiet during your stay.

2. Parrot Cay Yoga Retreat, Turks & Caicos

This wonder on the Caribbean will make your yoga session even more special. Specializing in Vedic yogic philosophy, you’ll get to join a 60-minute yoga class by the beach. With the white sand and calm North Atlantic waters, there’s nothing else you can wish for. Parrot Cay is a private island and you’ll be assured of tranquility and inner peace.

This place, as one of the luxury yoga retreats in Europe, focuses on a contemplative atmosphere. This also gives you the luxury of Jacuzzi garden, physical wellness, and a 1300 sq ft. massive yoga studio. There’s also a health center here where you can lose weight or join any daily group activities.

luxury yoga retreats in Europe

3. 38 Degrees SUP Yoga and Pilates Retreat, Spain

There’s nothing more relaxing than doing yoga as you listen to the waves on the coastline. 38 Degrees SUP Yoga is located at the stunning place of Ibiza where you can experience their unique paddle boating yoga sessions. This yoga retreat is far from the buzz of Spanish cities, so you’ll get to relax and meditate at your heart’s content.

This yoga retreat is located ten minutes from luxury spots like the golf course and the historic Dalt Vila. The surrounding mountainous place and ocean is the perfect view to inspire a Savasana. You can rent a mat so you can do either your Ashtanga or Hatha routines.

4. Silver Island Yoga, Greece

If you want to experience the royal-like Greece, you should head to the Silver Island Yoga. A flower-filled 60-acre island that’s a picture of romance and calm yogic living. They have handpicked yoga teachers here and they don’t focus on a single yoga philosophy. Silver Island has its own unique yoga retreat session that’s highly organized and packed with luxury.

Here, they’ll encourage you to break free from city stress and indulge in the place’s healing and restoring atmosphere. They also give you the freedom to choose the activities you want to join in, no matter how many or few it could be.

5. Yoga Explorers, Italy

A week-long retreat in the Umbrian countryside is enough to refresh your yogic soul. Two teachers who also run a yoga school of their own will lead the seven-day yogic stay. Yoga Explorers is situated in the 12th century-inspired hillside farmhouse setup with luxury spa and pools.

This place looks like the typical resorts you can find, but its tranquility as one of the luxury yoga retreats in Europe is suited for those yearning to practice yoga outdoors. Yoga Explorers offer Pilates Yoga that intends to tone your muscles while relaxing in the process.

luxury yoga retreats in Europe

6. Quinta de Calma, Portugal

From July to October, Quinta de Calma offers a one-week yoga retreat session of Vinyasa or Hatha yoga. They also teach tai chi, meditation, and therapeutic treatments. If you’re done with the seven-day routine, you can enjoy the beach while paddle boarding.

Locals opened this place about 35 years ago and they consider it as Portugal’s “first integral yoga center”.  It’s an image of pure well-being and holistic yoga approach.

7. Eco Yoga, Scotland

Scotland has the finest castle ruins in Europe and just imagine yourself having a yoga session in a castle-like place. The fascinating façade overlooks the stunning Loch Awe. At this rustic place, they do Ashtanga classes lasting for two hours. There are two classes per day so you can choose which time suits you.

After the yoga class, visitors and teachers would talk about yoga and mantras. Anyway, meals here are vegetarian, so prepare to shove your beefy foods. All these are part of their approach toward wellness and healthy living.

There are many beautiful luxury yoga retreats in Europe that you can visit. These seven I listed here are scattered all around the continent so you get to visit one on your planned vacation. Yoga is a holistic practice and doing it in places that embodies such beauty will make every asana special. Have you found your perfect yoga retreat? Share it with us in the comment section!

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7 of the Best Luxury Yoga Retreats in Europe To Consider!

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