5 Actions That Answer How To Become a Yoga Instructor in 2017-2018

With yoga routines making a trend in the fitness world, many buffs are curious about how to become a yoga instructor. Being knowledgeable in a certain yoga type is necessary, but there are other things you should accomplish before reaching that teaching dream. If you want to be an instructing yogi within 2017-2018, here are the actions you need to make.

1. Complete a training in a registered yoga school

Most yoga students don’t actually care if you’re certified or not. But getting at least 200 hours of training certification from a registered yoga school will be an advantage. If you’re looking forward to working on your favorite yoga house, this will be a requirement for you.

Yoga studios these days ask for a certification. And if you’re applying to a studio that’s a member of Yoga Alliance, you’ll have to pass the training. Before you push through with your plan of teaching yoga, ask yourself the following questions: Am I ready for long-term commitment? Am I amenable to attend training? Would I be able to commit to finishing training?

how to become a yoga instructor

2. Register yourself with the Yoga Alliance

Listing yourself in the alliance isn’t required in the process of how to become a yoga instructor, but it has undeniable perks. The total registration fee for the alliance is about $115 where you get to be included in their database of yoga teachers. Also, you can get discounts on yoga liability insurance, clothes, and software if you’re a member of this society.

Getting in the group isn’t demanding as you only need to present proof that you accomplished at least 200 hours of training and pay the required fees. Aside from being acquainted with the most popular yoga teachers’ circle, you also get to use the “Registered Yoga Teacher” title officially.

Your membership to the Yoga Alliance will also give you internationally recognized proof that you possess the minimum standards for yoga teaching.

3. Experience teaching

Each student is different from other. If you know only a bit about leading a class, you’ll need some teaching practice. That way, you can develop your own skills in training other people. This is so you’ll learn yoga routines, deal with actual conflicts, and develop a technique and style.

You can invite your friends or family members to join your free yoga training sessions during weekends or mornings. This will prepare you once you decided to apply to yoga studios. Most studios hold auditions before admitting a teacher.

Practicing how to become a yoga instructor will prepare you for the actual yoga classes. It’s important to know what you’re doing, regardless if you’re aiming to teach a Mysore or led-class.

how to become a yoga instructor

4. Enroll in a CPR class and get insured

As an aspiring yoga instructor, you should expect every possible scenario in the studio. Even if your studio doesn’t require it, it’s best to get certified ahead of time. This will also be your advantage when students look for someone who has first-aid knowledge. A class is always composed of different people with varying age brackets, fitness, and strength.

Remember that as a yoga instructor, you’re playing a vital role in the health of your students. A beginner can get injured along the way and an insurance policy covering this will save you from a lot of trouble. It’s good if your studio already has this, but if not, invest in a personal liability insurance.

5. Don’t get burned out

Being a yoga instructor doesn’t stop after meeting requirements for eligibility. Teaching other people could be stressing too, so you should set aside time to do your personal yoga. Even the finest yoga masters also need to let loose in their own space.

Don’t stop learning and discover new techniques and yoga styles. You can attend many workshops with other yoga trainers. As much as you can attend as many as you can, take it slow and don’t get burned out. A yoga practice is intended to be spiritually invigorating, so don’t let it stress you out!

Ways on how to become a yoga instructor aren’t hard to achieve. Once your heart and mind are set on it, you can take these simple steps and start training other people toward healthy living and thinking. Are you planning to become a yoga teacher? Let us know in the comment section!

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5 Actions That Answer How To Become a Yoga Instructor in 2017-2018

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