15 Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga Anyone SMART Could Integrate Into Their Routines

It is very obvious that there are tons of benefits of Ashtanga yoga in your body. If you are having troubles with your back then this will help you strengthen your core to have good posture. If you wish to shed those unwanted pounds away, then this yoga will be your best buddy ever. So what are you waiting for? Read on and let me share with you these benefits you will certainly love!

Here are the 15 benefits of Ashtanga Yoga anyone smart could integrate into their everyday routines.

1. Discipline

When I started the Ashtanga yoga I thought I will survive. It was one hard technique that makes my blood boil. But after a few sessions, I felt its amazing benefits not just in my mind and body but also on my regular routines. I realized that this yoga gave me more discipline not just in practice but also at work. I make sure to attend my errands on time because I have the yoga session in the afternoon.

2. Better breathing

This amazing yoga technique taught me how to take a deep breath and it really made me feel more relaxed. Since I started with this technique, I no longer feel stressed at work. I just practiced the breathing technique and soon I felt more comfortable and at ease.

3. Effectively using my energy

With the help of Ashtanga yoga, I learned how to use my energy all throughout the day. For instance, if there are problems in my work, am I wasting my effort to small things? Am I just trying too hard when in fact it is not necessary? Through the technique and effect of Ashtanga yoga, I learned how to apply and use my energy that will last throughout the day without burning me out during the night.  One of the best benefits of Ashtanga yoga ever.

benefits of ashtanga yoga

4. Staying in shape

If you haven’t tried the Ashtanga yoga before then now is the perfect time to do it. Unlike other techniques, this one will certainly make your blood circulate for more sweat and burned fats. It also strengthens my core and tones my overall appearance. What even makes this yoga very much preferred is that you will see just how good it could make your physical appearance, unlike other yoga techniques.

5. I learned how to feel satisfied

Did you know that complaining can actually waste your energy? When this happens, you will feel more stressed. With the help of this yoga, I learned how to feel more satisfied and happy with my everyday life. I also began to appreciate small things around me.

6. Benefits of Ashtanga yoga: Having good relationships

Ashtanga yoga does not only make me feel more relaxed but it also provides positive energy which makes me more sociable. I used to stay at home during the weekend, feeling bored and down. But since this yoga brought positive results, I now spend my time with friends and family. It makes me feel good about myself again which results in an even better relationship with the people around me.

7. A better tool that helped me get through life

When I lost my job two years ago, I wondered where I will sleep the following week. How will I survive? But when I think about that I have a yoga session the next day, it brought me hope. The positivity this yoga brought in my life made me see hope again. It was actually the foundation that made me feel stronger and the days went through smoothly. I was able to cope and handle the stress and troubles with a positive attitude.

8. Freedom

Stress is everywhere we look. There are troubles at home and of course even in our workplace. But we can learn how to deal with it the right way. It is important that you learn how to release negative emotions and feelings and let the positive thoughts take place. This way, you will let freedom rule your world.  This is one of the best benefits of Ashtanga yoga. To make you feel more complete and at peace with yourself.

benefits of ashtanga yoga

9. Travel and adventure

Since I started ashtanga yoga, I dreamed of traveling to other places such as India and even Thailand. These two are wonderful yoga retreats. I wish to meet old gurus who have been teaching this technique all their lives. I’m sure they still have tons of wisdom hiding on their sleeves that will help me improve my life both mentally and spiritually.

10. Cleansing

Since I learned those blood boiling techniques, I no longer feel bloated and constipated. This may be a minor thing for others but it is actually a big deal for me. Feeling bloated almost all my life since my teenage years was a nightmare. But Ashtanga changed it in a few months. My skin also improved. I no longer get those stubborn and annoying breakouts and even my monthly period is no longer a burden.

11. New and vibrant people

Since I started attending those sessions, I met new wonderful people and I now enjoy their company. We share the same thoughts and experiences. Getting into Ashtanga yoga classes truly help me love and meet new people that are now contributing amazing help. They add beauty not just in my everyday life but most of all in my inner self.

12. Blogging

When I was in college, my first love is writing. With the help of Ashtanga yoga, I started to write again and now I’m sharing my thoughts and experiences with the help of this yoga technique. It does not only help me write again but it also provides me more time to share how wonderful it is as a practice.

benefits of ashtanga yoga

13. Clarity of mind is one of the benefits of Ashtanga yoga

I know it’s easier than done especially in achieving peace of mind. But with the help of this yoga technique, I learned how to deal with all the devils inside my head. It taught me to do the breathing techniques that help clear my mind. It helped me see the positive results in everything. I no longer worry about the things that are just about to happen. I take each day one at a time and in case something went wrong, I find things that would help make me feel at ease again. One of it is performing the breathing techniques from Ashtanga yoga.

14. It made me think before I speak

I admit this, I used to have one troubling big mouth. I used to say things to others without thinking first whether it would hurt them or not. But with the discipline I learned from Ashtanga yoga, I no longer say things without thinking first. I am now extra careful with the words I say. I just felt how bad it was to get hurtful words. During those times, I began to understand the importance of words. It was actually twice as deadly as a knife because it can cut through one’s soul.

15. Better food choices

Who does not love those salty chips and a cold beer mug? Though I admit that I still have those ‘sinful food items’, I started choosing the food that will be good for my body. I started to realize that if you feel good about yourself, you will certainly begin to see your true self and embrace it wholeheartedly.

Getting into the practice and experiencing all the benefits of Ashtanga yoga in your daily life will change your perspective. It will bring more miracles that would make your life a better world. With these benefits of Ashtanga yoga, you will learn how to love yourself more.

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15 Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga Anyone SMART Could Integrate Into Their Routines

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