8 Ways Ashtanga Namaskara Empowers Your Life

Known as the salute of the eight limbs, Ashtanga Namaskara is a combination of yoga poses (Asana), breathing patterns (Pranayama), and specific gaze points (Dristi). This yoga practice has long been a fad that started as a gesture of homage to Indian temples. As much as its sacredness honors the gods, the benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara can also empower your life.

Partly originating from the Sanskrit word, “Ashta” that means eight, here the eight life-empowering benefits this asana can bring into your life.

1. It gears you towards a healthier lifestyle

As one of the beginners’ yoga poses, Ashtanga Namaskara helps in warming up your body for more complex yoga work. With its contribution to toning your muscles, increasing blood flow, and other body benefits, this asana lures yogis toward a healthier way of living.

It doesn’t only flex your muscles, but it holistically clears your mind and body of toxins as it adds physical strength. Ashtanga Namaskara isn’t hard to practice and to start since you can easily follow the knees-chest-chin position at your living space.

With proper diet, this asana would be a convenient regimen toward healthy living and improved wellness.

2. It becomes your way of life

If there’s one thing that Ashtanga Namaskara benefits yogis is that it’s not a one-time exercise. For you to experience its full effect, you should regularly practice the asana, thus making it your way of life. In addition, this yoga position not only requires physical strength but also your full mental and bodily focus.

As a great way to reap the benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara, this practice should go beyond the superficial pose, breathing, and gaze. Many yogi groups are emerging nowadays, which promote the in-depth practice of this position as well as putting it in the center of a daily wellness plan.

benefits of Ashtanga namaskara

3. It’s great for your mind

For most yoga practitioners, Ashtanga Namaskara is like a dance. With the rhythm of yogic breathing and different postures, you achieve mental bliss and physical strength. The most important thing here is the pranayama. Getting the breathing right makes it an effective and sure-fire stress buster. When you breathe in, you take positive energy while releasing the negative one through exhaling.

At some point, holistic practice of Ashtanga will give you mindfulness and anger control benefits. Removing the negative vibes from your mind and body makes these possible. The combination of breathing and a variety of pose intensity can also bring inner peace.

4. It does wonders on your body

From its asana, it’s clear that Ashtanga is meant to increase the strength of your back muscles and improve the flexibility of the spine. Since it has eight pose points, these yogic poses also boost the strength of the eight involved limbs. This is aside from the fact that it improves blood circulation and powers up your lungs.

Upon regular practice, you’ll observe lesser limb pains, improved body movements, and more benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara. It will also escalate body coordination if you’re into sports or strenuous activities.

If you got a back pain, this asana will make wonders. However, you shouldn’t do this yoga pose if you have serious back injuries and butt pain.

5. It teaches you discipline

To achieve the asana without too much strain, you have to exhibit high regard to body and mind discipline. Not only it benefits your body to keep a certain pose, but it also trains the mind to remove “mental junk”.  Ashtanga helps in controlling your physiological responses to your environment while and after doing it.

For some, they chant “Aum Pooshne Namah” while practicing the Ashtanga pose. This adds to the discipline of getting the yoga practice into the subconscious mind. This is crucial in attaining the utmost benefit of yoga and not becoming a mere physical exertion of strength.

6. It increases your body and life awareness

Yoga functions through the attainment of self-awareness. Just like in Ashtanga Namaskara, you need to be fully present in the environment you’re in as well as inside your body and soul. That means the most important thing in this yoga practice is the “now” and you have to flush away worried thoughts about the “past” and “future”.

If you’re fully aware of your body and mind, you’re going to notice arising thoughts and know how to easily let them go. This will result in a balanced, happier, and calmer stance in life. These benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara might be vague right now, but upon practicing Ashtanga, you’ll experience how these words mean.

benefits of Ashtanga namaskara

7. It adds up to your happiness

With Ashtanga Namaskara, you’re going to release the negative energies inside your body to let the positive enter. There’s no other result here than added happiness and gratitude towards life. Ashtanga allows us to be our real selves in our own yogic space. With that safety blanket, we get to delve deeper to our emotions, thoughts, and deal with it through the mind’s eye.

In the process of meditation in Ashtanga, you’ll accept where and what you are while appreciating what you currently have in life. During these stressful days, many of us would surely make use of this asana and pranayama.

8. It cleanses from the inside to outside

The main goal of this asana is to cleanse a person from the inside to outside. In order to achieve bodily wellness, you’ve to focus your mind and remove the clutter that’s inside it. This is the same reason why Ashtanga has asana sequences.

Once the mind and soul achieved happiness and calmness, it’s only then that your body will start to reap the fruit of this asana. Like what I said earlier, Ashtanga isn’t just a form of exercise, it’s more of a “body and mind awareness technique.” With that, you achieve a peaceful mindset, healthier body, and added energy.

The benefits of Ashtanga Namaskara provide the perfect avenue to grow as a person and let go of the negative vibes haunting your life. If you think you’re far from achieving this, don’t fret as there are many opportunities and ways out there to improve your yoga routine. Did these life-empowering benefits inspire you? Discuss it with us in the comment section!

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8 Ways Ashtanga Namaskara Empowers Your Life

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