What Will Ashtanga Yoga Do For You? 10 Benefits You Should Expect To Achieve

Yoga has been around for many years and a lot of people, both young and adult, already had significantly changed in their lives. They are now the living testament about how powerful yoga is when it comes to changing lives and perceptions. People who have health problems are now living a healthier life and enjoying every bit of it. If you wish to see and feel the change yourself, you must start with Ashtanga yoga.

1. Burn lots of calories

One of the most powerful benefits you could get from this kind of yoga is that you will burn more calories as compared to dieting and other workouts alone. It has blood boiling routines and poses that will burn fats fast. People who regularly practice this yoga see and feel results in as little as two weeks. So if you wish to get rid of those flabby arms and bulging tummy, better start off with this yoga today.

2. Builds strength, stamina, and flexibility

This is one of the most important goals by helping you build strong muscles, strength, stability, and stamina. This way, you will burn fats fast and even get to protect your body against infections and other ailments. Building strong and lean muscles will also make you look fit and slim. Making your flexibility better will prevent you from developing bone issues as you grow older.

ashtanga yoga

3. Boost metabolism

If you wish to lose weight fast and get rid of unwanted waste in your system, you should perk up your metabolism. Because of the twisting and stretching technique involved in Ashtanga yoga, you can boost your metabolism. This way, you will also burn more calories fast.

4. Increase focus and concentration

A lot of people especially those who have issues with their memory find practicing this yoga very much beneficial. Since it has the breathing technique, your mind will get rid of bad vibes and thoughts that can affect your memory. This way, you will improve your concentration.

5. Relieves stress and tension

There is nothing more relaxing than to perform this yoga especially when you are stressed out. People who are having emotional distress find this yoga very much beneficial. It helps them feel more relaxed as it provides them more energy. The breathing techniques help them release the hormone called serotonin or the happy pill of the body. When this hormone is released, your body will surely feel lighter and happier.

6. Balances hormone production

Women who are dealing with hormonal imbalance find this yoga very helpful. When a woman is suffering from hormonal imbalance, she will often experience the dreadful effect of PMS or premenstrual syndrome. But with the help of Ashtanga yoga, she will feel less bloated and the monthly cramps will soon be gone. The stretching techniques of this yoga will help straighten out the uterus which helps women have stress-free monthly periods.

7. Decrease cholesterol and blood pressure

Dealing with health issues are no joke especially when it comes to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These two could lead to more serious diseases like heart disease and stroke. But with the help of this yoga, you will soon normalize the level of your cholesterol and blood pressure. People who regularly attend their yoga practice see and feel results in their body in as short as one week.

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8. Reinforces immune system

If you often deal with infections like common colds and cough, you must find a way to reinforce your immune system. Since yoga has breathing techniques, your lungs and heart will function perfectly as it produces healthier blood flow and higher your oxygen levels. This will help the blood circulation prevent any clotting and possible heart attacks. Your body will then produce healthier antibodies to fight off those infections.

9. Ashtanga yoga promotes healthy digestions and detoxification

Having problems on your digestive tract is very bothering. With the help of this yoga techniques, you will make your digestive system healthier. This will help you flush off bowel and waste materials easily. You will also help cleanse your liver from toxins that could cause further serious complications. It is important that you cleanse your system every day to prevent acquiring any diseases. Having a healthy digestive tract will also result in healthier skin and fresher breath.

10. Increase self-esteem

Once you see and feel the changes in your body and mind, you will increase your self-esteem. People often deal with such kind of issue because they don’t feel good about themselves. With the help of this yoga, you will surely love yourself more.

Getting into shape and even improving one’s health is not that easy. It takes a lot of patience and effort on your side. But with the help of Ashtanga yoga, you will soon gain the wonderful benefits it offers. So what are you waiting for? Go and find the best yoga class in your area!

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What Will Ashtanga Yoga Do For You? 10 Benefits You Should Expect To Achieve

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