5 Ultimate Pointers For Your Ashtanga Yoga Practice – Watch Out, This Could Change Your Life!

Ashtanga yoga practice will provide tremendous benefits. This won’t just affect your body, but most of all, your mind. This will lead to a more positive take on life and a healthier body.

Before you start…

Starting with Ashtanga yoga needs patience as there are poses that are complicated to perform. But fret not. Being a newbie in Ashtanga yoga is never a new thing. Even experts have started as newbies and found the routine quite hard. Some may have even thought of quitting. But with Ashtanga, quitting is for the weak of heart.

Though I know it’s’ easier said than done, it’s still a great advice to perform your yoga every day so your body will get used to it. Once you see the changes in your body, you’ll be motivated more than ever.

To give you more inspiration, I gathered the ultimate pointers that will help you improve your Ashtanga yoga practice. These pointers will not only help you push your practice every day but will also provide you more guidelines.

1. Never get intimidated

Starting with Ashtanga yoga poses isn’t that easy and if you are a newbie, it could be a bit awkward to join the expert practitioners. However, this should not stop you from doing yoga routines. In fact, there are six series of postures that even newbies would love.

ashtanga yoga practice

2. Don’t beat yourself up

Once you started Ashtanga yoga, it’s never a good thing to beat yourself up. You should never be too hard on yourself even if you’re failing to nail a certain position. This goes even to the primary series which is called as the Yoga Chikitsa or yoga therapy.

This certain routine will help eliminate toxins from your system. However, it could be a bit hard to perform. But if you have the right teacher, you’re going to nail it in no time. The best class to join is a Mysore if you’re just starting out. That way, you can have customized attention from the instructor.

A negative attitude like self-criticism will not do you any good. It’s better to consider your new-found lifestyle as an opportunity to make your body and life better. Just give yourself a little love and you’ll do great.

3. Practice the breathing technique well in your Ashtanga Yoga practice

When it comes to practicing Ashtanga yoga, it’s a must that you integrate the breathing technique right to achieve best results. You should complete all routines in Ashtanga yoga with the proper breathing also known as Vinyasa. Each breathing technique will help you attain mindfulness and alignment of body and thoughts.

ashtanga yoga practice

This will also keep you focused on your thinking which is a big deal if you have uncontrollable anger and depression. Don’t forget to make use of the Ujjayi as the ultimate anchor for a stable practice.

4. Use Vinyasa on your first-time pose

Once you reached the 25th Chaturanga, you’ll surely feel as if you have just started all over again. I mean as if you are practicing for the very first time. But you shouldn’t be fooled by your ‘beginners mind’!

It’s a must that you perform every vinyasa with equal grace and effort.  Bear in mind that a lousy practice will surely cause injuries. If you start with Vinyasa, you’ll find the succeeding routines endurable if not simpler.

5. Don’t forget to practice every day

A heartfelt gratitude to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois for this amazing words of wisdom! No matter how hard it seems, show up to your mat and expect nothing. Once you stop worrying you’ll soon notice that you’re feeling and doing better.

Ashtanga’s eightfold path is actually quite long as well as multifaceted. But with a healthy body and stress-free mind, Ashtanga will work for you. Always consider your Ashtanga yoga practice as self-acceptance rather than self-improvement to fully benefit from it.

Applying these pointers in your yoga life may be quite hard. But once you see the changes and improvements in yourself, you’ll certainly observe and apply them every day in your yoga routine.

Many yogis prove that each of these pointers is effective and powerful. If you wish to make a complete change in your life, both physically and mentally, then Ashtanga yoga practice will be your best life partner.

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5 Ultimate Pointers For Your Ashtanga Yoga Practice – Watch Out, This Could Change Your Life!

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