Top 10 Mysore Classes To Attend For Your Ashtanga Practice

Ashtanga is a growing practice in the yoga world. As much as it’s a favorite among yogis, it’s also an intricate practice that only the patient and physically fit can achieve. This is where the Ashtanga classes in Mysore become helpful.  Mysore classes give personalized focus on each student so the teachers can help adjust postures depending on the student’s pace. It’s a much friendlier class for beginners and self-practicing people.

If you’re curious where to enroll for your Mysore class, here are 10 of the top picks among yogis.

1. Ashtanga Yoga Productions

If you’re staying in Austin, Texas, you should definitely know David Swenson. He runs and leads Mysore classes in the Ashtanga Yoga Productions studio with his two assistants. David has more than 40 years of Ashtanga experience and as far as fitness is concerned, he’s in very good shape.

He’s also a great teacher who won’t fret if you say straight away that you don’t need his help on a posture. Aside from actual classes, the Ashtanga Yoga Productions also hosts lectures about the practice.

2. Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide

Every Mysore practitioner would want a teacher who will respect his or her unique form. This is where Greg Nardi of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide excels. He’s regarded as someone who identifies and recognizes the limitations of every student. Greg doesn’t run his Mysore studio like a jail warden, instead, he gives a harmonious three-day Ashtanga classes in Mysore for those who sign up.

The studio is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The traffic jam may challenge your patience but at least you have a great teacher waiting for you.

Ashtanga classes in Mysore

3. The Body Electric Yoga Company

The Body Electric Yoga Company is a studio that won’t treat you as a baby. A Mysore class under Jade Skinner might be off at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll thank her for being hard to you at times. Jade will make your Ashtanga practice grow and will really teach you discipline. Although she may hold large classes, you’ll never feel neglected under her watch.

Jade is a teacher that will believe in you and as a yogi, this matters a lot.

4. Shri Yoga

Shri Yoga has three competent teachers who serve as the foundation of their Mysore classes. Each of these three teachers underwent training under the watch of David Swenson and other gurus. They will check your limits before teaching you a certain asana or before they make it more intricate.

They give care and assistance but they know when not to bother your practice. They’re also the type of teachers who won’t let drama get in the way. Just honest, no fuss Ashtanga classes in Mysore. The studio is located in Highland Park, Illinois.

5. Brooklyn Yoga Club

Many new yogis fear attending new classes because of the intimidating atmosphere these have. This is what Brooklyn Yoga Club debunks. The energy flowing in the studio will appease your fears and the collective effort of the students will make you feel that you belong.  Eddie, one of the Mysore teachers here, gives much respect to meditation. He knows how to guide a student with physical deformities or limits.

The best thing about this studio is that the teachers won’t always be on your face every minute. It’s in Brooklyn, New York. Check it out.

6. Yoga Now

If you want a studio that can compete for the number one spot in Chicago, Yoga Now will be an easy choice. They have a lovely studio and the teachers know how to respect and guide the students. The only downside here is the minimal hours offered for Mysore. Still, the quality of their practice is at par.

Everyone here is welcoming even if you’re a new kid in town. Aside from Ashtanga, they also offer massages and therapies. You might want to try this some other time.

Ashtanga classes in Mysore

7. Yoga East

Yoga East is your kind of studio that won’t make you feel bad about yourself. They won’t tell you how fat or incompetent you are. This is important especially for a yogi looking for a motivation to keep going on the practice. They don’t overdo the Mysore and they make sure that everyone in the class will be guided and checked by the teacher.

Even older yogis will find it easy to blend into the Ashtanga classes in Mysore since the teachers are kind-hearted.

8. The Yoga Shala

Krista Shirley will be the one to welcome you to their humble studio at Orlando’s College Park. She specializes in Mysore and to improve her practice, she travels to India every year. Aside from the gentle approach in teaching asanas, the studio itself is a beauty to marvel at during your classes.

Like what they said, they want to spread “yoga worth sharing”. They don’t care if you’re a beginner or an old-timer. As long as you have the will, they will be of help.

9. Omkar108 Yoga

If you’re in the City of Angels, Omkar108 Yoga is your go-to studio. If you’re new, you’ll have to commit for a month of regular Mysore classes so you’ll learn the basics in the traditional way. The best thing is that they don’t require you to have any past experience on Mysore.

Jorgen Christiansson is the leader of the pack here and Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois personally certified him as an Ashtanga teacher.

10. The Bandha Room

Its head teachers Aeryk and Vivian studied Ashtanga under the watch of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois. Right now, they only offer Mysore classes in their studio in Olympia, Washington where they welcome students from all levels of dexterity.

If you want to visit, make sure to stop by the security pad and enter 1195* (star) key. They offer evening and morning classes so you can choose one that suits your schedule.

Ashtanga classes in Mysore are the choice of many beginners because it allows them to practice yoga at their own pace. Also, Mysore removes the competition that usually happens in a led class. Have you found your new favorite class? Share it with us!

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Top 10 Mysore Classes To Attend For Your Ashtanga Practice

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