As a novice yoga student in Yoga school, you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of poses and their strange-sounding titles. Yoga, on the other hand, does not have to be complicated. You’ve already done a yoga pose if you got out of bed this morning and stretched your arms up over your head. 

When you’re just starting off, it’s best to keep things basic in yoga school. The yoga positions for beginners listed here will keep you busy for a long time. As your practice progresses, you’ll be able to tackle more challenging poses


Are you a newbie when it comes to Yoga? Do you want to know which style of Yoga is best for resolving your troubles and issues? We got your back.

Yoga at Adhiroha ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the most physically demanding yoga style, consisting of a long sequence of poses with a vinyasa in between each one. To become an Ashtanga Yoga master, you’ll need a lot of strength and stamina.

Ashtanga means “eight limbs or branches” in Sanskrit. The Eightfold Path is a practice that leads to self-awakening and liberation. Ashtanga yoga promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It focuses on a predetermined series of poses linked together by breath and movement.

People only consider doing Yoga for its physical benefits. Yet Yoga is a way of life. It’s all about bringing body, soul, spirit, and mind together. Consider practicing Yoga at ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, which is one of the best ways to gain advantages and reach that balance.

Enhance adaptability

Like any style of Yoga, Ashtanga will help you become more flexible over time. While it’s crucial to listen to your body and go carefully, studies show that flexibility improves after a few weeks of training. Are you unable to touch your toes? We bet you can do Ashtanga Yoga in a month if you work consistently and consciously.

A cardio workout that works

If you’re looking for a cardio workout, Ashtanga is an excellent option. It will assist you in getting in shape, managing your weight, and remaining fit, all while engaging in long, calm, deep breathing! These movements at ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, when performed quickly, can effectively elevate your heart rate.

Excellent coordination

It helps with concentration, balance, and coordination. A quick and powerful set of asanas at ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh improves your sense of rhythm and develops your awareness of your body’s movement and flow.



When you look through the yoga playbook, you’ll notice that most, if not all, of the exercises incorporate a balanced difficulty. That’s because Yoga is all about finding your balance. Yoga is fundamentally about learning to be off-balance and then find your balance again. In Adhiroha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, we will help you in every aspect related to Yoga.


Even if perfecting the bird of paradise or eagle pose isn’t your objective, achieving balance is essential for moving better and feeling more focused in your daily life. It can also assist you in becoming a more promising runner, weightlifter, and all-around athlete. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh ensures that you have good posture over time. Your posture reveals a lot about how well you use your body.


Do you think tree posture is a little too complicated? Don’t be concerned! The first lesson in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in balance is to become more conscious of your feet, which is the subject of these poses from the Yoga Fundamentals program. Your feet are meant to articulate movement in a variety of ways, but we limit their range of motion by spending so much time in shoes. 


Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand. It is well-known for its beautiful hills and valleys, and its adventure, temples, ashrams, and yoga. Yoga in Rishikesh attracts a large number of international visitors due to its popular Ayurveda and Ashrams.


It is one of India’s most essential pilgrim towns, is known for its spiritual ashrams and beautiful riverside cafes serving delectable dishes from various cuisines. The town, located on the banks of the Ganga, is teeming with locals and international visitors looking for the true meaning of life. Furthermore, the area is now teeming with camps on the banks of the Ganga, where adventure sports abound.


Many people all over the world have been touched and transformed by India’s spiritually rich character. If you’re looking for Yoga, and no matter where you are in the country, Yoga in Rishikesh will be the best spiritual destination.

Ashtanga yoga school in Rishikesh

The main goal of the Adhiroha Ashtanga yoga school in Rishikesh is to prepare you to be well-versed. Our students live in a traditional Gurukul yoga ashram, where they can interact closely with our experienced and dedicated yoga teachers and staff, who are also immersed in the yogic lifestyle. It is based on the ancient yoga teaching lineage of Guru-Sishya Sampradaya – passed down from yoga guru to disciple over thousands of years. Ayurvedic vegetarian diet, daily yoga practice, and living in nature all contribute to a conducive learning environment for yoga practitioners. It helps in developing a better understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.


Yoga is a necessity of the hour and should be practiced by everyone. Yoga practice will not only boost your immune system but will also improve your overall health and well-being. Adhiroha yoga school in Rishikesh is both a way of life and a revolution in and of itself. School cordially invites you to join this Revolution and be a torchbearer for future generations.